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Do you think passing the CROWN Act in Texas would be beneficial?

Members of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus, joined by other prominent black officials and advocates, recently announced they are working on a bill for the 2021 legislative session — called the CROWN Act — that would ban discrimination based on hair textures and styles commonly associated with race.

The legislation is a show of support for students like DeAndre Arnold, a black Mont Belvieu student who was suspended last month because of his dreadlocks and told he couldn’t walk at his high school graduation unless he cut them.

Those that support the CROWN Act say workplace and school policies often disproportionately impact persons of color by banning natural hair textures and styles that are often a part of cultural and personal identities of people of color. But businesses and school districts with dress codes say their dress codes are meant to be "race neutral" and only ban length or other attributes they deem necessary.

The Texas Legislative Black Caucus hopes to pass the CROWN Act in the next legislative session. California, New York and New Jersey implemented versions of the CROWN Act, which stands for Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair, last year.

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