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Do you think returning to the parental testing option would be beneficial?

A bill filed by State Representative James White, a Republican who represents District 19, would allow Texas parents to administer a driving test for their teens to get their license instead of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

White has filed HB 409, which would overturn a change to the Texas Transportation Code made in 2009, that required individuals younger than 18 to take a test administered by the Texas Department of Public Safety – something state lawmakers, who voted for the change in 2009, argued would make roads safer. HB 409 would allow parents to administer the test, in an effort to alleviate wait times at DPS driver license offices.

No, it could make roads less safe. 
87% (117 votes)
Yes, It could alleviate wait times.
13% (18 votes)
Total votes: 135