Unitarian church donates to San Marcos River Foundation

Left to right in photo: Jon Cradit, Jeanne Garthwaite, Jeannie Lewis, Dianne Wassenich, Rev. Scottie McIntyre Johnson, Judy Telford and Mark Rockeymoore. PHOTO COURTESY OF SMUUF

The San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (SMUUF) took up a collection of $600 during their Worship Service in June to give to the San Marcos River Foundation. Once a month the church gives any money in the collection plate that is not a pledge to a selected local nonprofit organization that is in line with their values and principles.

Jeannie Lewis, SMUUF Social Justice Team Leader, pointed out, “One of our religious Principles is to affirm and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. We Unitarian Universalists(UUs) tend to be strong environmentalists. We love the San Marcos River and want to do what we can to help protect this precious resource.”

Dianne Wassenich, program director of the San Marcos River Foundation (SMRF) said, “The contributions that UUs made over the past three years supported all our work on the river, but we are especially excited about the conservation easement placed on Dreamcatcher Ranch."  

Wassenich pointed out that this easement, which is now written in the deed to pass on to future generations, will keep this ranch vegetated and undeveloped forever.  This helps keep the head of our  river flowing and clear since much sediment is trapped by the restored grasslands of the ranch before it hits Spring Lake. Also the ranch accepts runoff from almost 2,000 acres of hills, giving it a chance to soak into the recharge zone on the ranch.

There is no flood control dam on that 2,000 acre section of watershed. Because of the slowing and soaking in, the ranch’s vegetation and open space prevents floods from getting worse in town.

Wassenich said, "The UUs have held annual Sunday plate collections, sponsored events where donations are accepted like Water Safari parties, and gave SMRF donations after a conference had funds left last year. Many of its members are SMRF members and also give individually, plus several are former SMRF board members. We so appreciate their strong ethic of stewardship of the river and are grateful for the recent donation since we now own two more ranches and are working on the ways to conserve them permanently."

For more information on the San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship visit www.smuuf.org or call Jeannie Lewis at 512-353-2872. 

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