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Q. I’d like to take my kids to cut a Christmas tree. Are there Christmas tree farms in the area?

A. I didn’t locate any in San Marcos, but I did find some in Central Texas. Seiler’s Christmas tree farm is off Highway 123 south of Seguin. You can find directions on their website.

The website puts prices at $6 per foot. Trees range from 4 - 10 feet in height. They provide saws and wagons.

There are two Christmas tree farms near Elgin. Elgin Christmas Tree Farm is at 120 Nature’s Way. They grow both Leyland Cypress and Virginia Pine. A six-foot tree is $44.

Evergreen Farms is also close to Elgin at 242 Monkey Road. The trees grown at Evergreen Farms are Virginia Pine, Leyland Cypress and Arizona Cypress. The website didn’t list prices, but suggests you call 512-281-4833 for pricing details.

I think Seguin is probably closer. However if my memory is right, Elgin is famous for barbecue which might make the longer drive appealing for some members of the family.

If you are lucky to know someone with ranch land nearby, you might find they wouldn’t mind you cutting a mountain cedar tree. They have a nice old-timey look.

Of course, many people are allergic to the pollen that male mountain cedar trees produce. You will want to find a female tree. Female trees have blue berry-like clusters according to an article in a December 1997 Texas Monthly article, “The War On Cedar.”

One more note, that article also warns against burning cedar in your fireplace due to volatile oils that are released in a fire.

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