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'Cuéntame Bilingual Stories' at library

The San Marcos Public Library started a Bilingual Storytime program last summer for Spanish and English speaking preschool children in the area; but this summer they are expanding that program for kids ages four to 10 that will be out of school for the summer.

Adriana “Gigi” Mederos, co-owner of Rio Claro Studio and local artist, started hosting the Bilingual Storytime at the library in summer of 2017. The program, originally created to serve predominantly Spanish-speaking children ages 2 to 6, worked with children’s imaginations to build their second language skills with stories, songs and playtime. After a while, the class turned into a tool for all parents to introduce, in a fun and playful setting, a second language – either Spanish or English – to their children.

Now Mederos is launching Cuéntame Bilingual Stories for kids ages 4 to 10 every Friday at the San Marcos Public LIbrary from June 15 through August 3 at 1 p.m. – except on July 27.

Mederos said that those raised in predominantly Spanishspeaking households often stop using Spanish when they enter grade school, but Cuéntame Bilingual Stories gives them an opportunity to listen and speak Spanish to others outside the home.

“It’s a nice intro for some kids into Spanish, and for those that hear Spanish at home it gives them the opportunity to be more interested in speaking Spanish outside of the home,” Mederos said.

Mederos plans on gearing the activities towards older kids with more complex and engaging stories and less preschooloriented vocabulary and content. She often translates children’s books onsite, while going back and forth between the two languages, introducing vocabulary words and even the commonalities and differences between cultures.

“When we speak another language, we not only open ourselves to communicating with other people, but we’re also more open to cultural differences,” Mederos said. “We can accept and want to learn about another culture and customs. And here in Texas, there are so many things that have been adopted from Hispanic culture, so it gives us all the more reason to speak Spanish.”

According to Mederos, Cuéntame Bilingual Stories is also an opportunity for kids to step away from the tablet or television screen this summer and interact with other children while learning another language.

For more information about Cuéntame Bilingual Storytime call the library at 512-393-8200.

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