Dahlia Does Design: Anastacia Raede Grone

Anastacia Raede Grone, age 12, is one of the latest artists to join Dahlia Woods Gallery. PHOTO COURTESY OF DAHLIA WOODS

I am so excited to interview the first young aspiring artist to join Dahlia Woods Gallery. She is Anastacia Raede Grone – or Ana Rae – age 12.

DW: “When did you start taking an interest in art?”

AR: “For forever – my mother told me about my early artistic inclinations as a toddler, when I lined up all my crayons in a straight line in rainbow colors. Sometimes I would fall asleep with open markers in my hand and draw on myself. My favorite colors are skyblue and ultramarine. Like a person with multiple personalities, I draw all aspects of nature. I love nature – the mountains, forests and especially the sun on the river – and swimming. That’s why I’m a San Marcos mermaid. Starting at about age four, my father, who is a really good artist, encouraged me to start painting.

“I began with scenes that were familiar to me. I painted outside in the front yard – it was very messy but great fun. My father let me use his very fancy easel. I used my fingers instead of brushes – my dad poured paint on the canvas and I played with the drips and patterns.

“As I got older, I started to explore watercolors and acrylic paint. When company shows up at my house, I enjoy sketching – asking people to model for me. I also like sketching architectural scenes. Big cities are exciting – something larger than me – it’s overwhelming and exciting. I take my sketch pad with me everywhere.

“When I was 11, I was eating at an Austin restaurant with my parents. My mom gave me paper. I sketched a woman at another table and gave her the drawing. She turned out to be a gallery owner from Australia – she was very impressed. My sketchbook is full of memories seen through my own eyes.”

DW: “Where do you go to school?”

AR: “I am home schooled, including classes in art history. Fridays I attend a three hour art class at Laguna Gloria for art skills. My goal is to develop my ability and gain knowledge.

“Joining the Dahlia Woods Gallery will provide a good and different art experience – get my feet wet (not with paint!) In a gallery setting, I can build confidence, interact with the public. I will learn to be an entrepreneur.

“I’m participating in a children’s entrepreneur fair in Austin called Acton Business Kids Entrepreneur School. I’ll be showcasing my art. My mother found this opportunity through social media. It’s a good fit for my goals – Austin loves art. I will promote my organic hand-painted reusable tote bags.”

DW: “Tell me more about what is important to you.”

AR: “Environmental issues are very important to me. At my house we compost, recycle and respect the world on a daily basis. We use organic ingredients for all our meals.

“It’s difficult to paint beautiful scenes of the ocean when you remember the great Pacific Ocean garbage patch that exists. The same goes for our San Marcos River – river clean ups yield hundreds of flip flops, inner tubes, bottles and cans. I want to paint the beauty of nature and honor our environment.”

DW: “What are you painting now?”

AR: “For the upcoming holiday season I’m working on local winter scenes and flora and fauna. My new project will be to participate in Third Thursday Walkabout art on the square representing the Dahlia Woods Gallery.”

See you Oct. 19 on the San Marcos square. Look for Ana Rae. She’ll be offering art prints and handmade totes.

Thank you Ana Rae. I’m looking forward to seeing your talent bloom. And to my readers, I hope you’ll support this super-talented young artist. Be sure to stop by and see her during the October Third Thursday Walkabout.

Life is short. Be happy.


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