Dahlia Does Design: Kick the Clutter

Finding yourself amidst your possessions, do you own them or do they own you?

Everyone has long cherished items, including me. However do we really need everything? Do objects really make one happy and secure?

Benefits of owning less:

• Easy to clean your house,

• Buying less knickknacks means more money in the bank – you can take a trip!

• Easier to organize your house and less anxiety about where to store everything.

•No need for a storage unit or their monthly fee.

So how do you get started decluttering?

Here are my tips:

• Start with one space at a time.

• Tackle closets and other junk repositories.

• Establish three piles:

  1. A keep pile
  2. A sell pile
  3. A donate pile

• I have this rule- for clothes and shoes, if they have not been worn for two years, they’re out.

• This process is good to share with a friend. Make it a social event – glass of tea or wine and good conversation.

• Limit yourself to one hour a day–it makes the process less overwhelming.

• Attack dressers, tables or any surface that is cluttered. Reducing the items on display really makes dusting a breeze.

• Each day give something away. I often leave items on the sidewalk. Inevitably someone views this as a gift. I had a collection of clay pots and duplicate garden tools, placed them on the curb and PRESTO they found a home.

Living with a writer-we always have an issue about collecting books. At one point when we left Dallas my husband had amassed 20,000 books – the realtor said she could not sell the house with his library in such chaos. I proceeded to sell 16,000 books to Half Price Books over the course of two months. Best of all the writer is happy since he found books that he misplaced in his vast collection!.

This process applies to every room in your house. It can be a daunting task, but if you start small, be consistent and organized you’ll be on your way to a calm environment with its many benefits. If you are like me, you will actually start to enjoy the cleansing process and look forward to the your fresh space.

Life is short. Be happy.


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