Downtown Association: 40 years & counting

The Downtown Association (DTA) of San Marcos hosted their second meeting of the year Monday night at Gumby's new location on Hopkins St. The meeting was a social to introduce the recently elected executive board and officers as well as welcome potential new members to join. This year marks the organization's 40th year and they have reinvigorated their efforts with a newly designed website, a newly defined downtown boundary and tiered membership options. DAILY RECORD PHOTOS BY RACHEL WILLIS

Economic Development Administrator Kevin Burke discussed the upcoming implementation of license plate recognition technology in downtown to enforce parking time limits at the meeting.

Aramus Mahrous slides a slice of hot pizza, fresh from the oven, off the paddle and onto Carol Peters' plate.

Owners of Gumby's Pizza, Adam and Forrest Higdon, hosted the Downtown Association meeting as a soft opening for their new location. From left to right are Adam Higdon, Forrest Higdon, DTA Vice President Carina Boston Pinales, President Jean Baggett, Treasurer John David Carson, Secretary Stephanie Symmes and Vice President July Moreno.

Gumby's Pizza served up a variety of New York-style slices of pizza from their brand new kitchen for the event.

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