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Birdbaths, like watering holes in the wild, can serve up some pretty interesting interspecies interactions. Free use photo

Exploring Nature: Birdbath Drama

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sometimes my birdbath is the source of drama and entertainment that’s better than some stuff I watch on TV.

For example, I have a gray fox that enjoys jumping up in the birdbath, which is a heavy concrete model, and lapping the water. While I had not specifically intended this bath for foxes, I have been delighted that he finds it enjoyable.

However, there is a black vulture that has also discovered the bath. And he is very proprietary about who uses it. Which led to a rather comedic scene recently in my backyard.

The vulture was standing in the birdbath, cooling his feet, when the fox came into the yard and strode over to the birdbath. The vulture dived at the fox like an avenging angel, flapping his broad wings in righteous anger.

The fox sat down on his haunches and then turned tail to depart. The vulture followed him, whapping him with those angry wings and causing quite a kerfuffle. The fox lit out at full speed and disappeared in some nearby bushes.

It was quite a show while it lasted – truly a fitting episode of nature in action. Who knew a birdbath could be so exciting?

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