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Above, a Hawaiian Poke bowl with white rice, seaweed, green onions, cucumber, spicy salmon, shrimp, Hawaii poke sauce, spicy mayo, avocado, corn, carrots, fried garlic and sesame seeds. Below, a Hawaiian Poke bowl with zucchini noodles, green onion, cucumber, shrimp, grilled chicken, Hawaii poke sauce, spicy mayo, crab meat and spicy mango. Daily Record photos by Nick Castillo & Lance Winter

Foodie Friday: Hawaii Poke

Thursday, May 12, 2022

If you’re searching for a fast and tasty lunch option, Hawaii Poke might be an answer to your quest. 

As someone who’s never sampled poke, Hawaii Poke was a welcomed surprise. Poke is a Hawaiian dish featuring diced raw fish. This San Marcos spot offers healthy and fresh options for a quick and affordable meal. 

“Hawaii Poke Fob opened up in [Texas] in 2018 with an incredible philosophy to give all customers Vip services and highest quality with most satisfying meals,” the restaurant says on its website. “Poké Bar — a fast-casual dining experience with a modern twist. Today, we are committed to serving fresh-daily fish, premium sauces and top-notch ingredients in a way that’s fast, convenient, and (of course) delicious.”

What to get: 

Hawaii Poke offers a down-the-line dining experience with options for a poke bowl – either regular or large – with a wide variety of base options, including white rice, zucchini noodles and Hawaiian poke rice. You then get to pick mix-ins: seaweed, cucumber, sweet onions, jalapenos and green onions. 

Then comes the protein options: ahi tuna, scallop, salmon, seared ahi tuna, spicy tuna, albacore, shrimp, grilled chicken and octopus. Hawaii Poke then asks you to choose a sauce from several selections, including Hawaii poke sauce — a soy-based sauce — zesty sauce, spicy mayo, wasabi aioli and sesame sauce. 

Finally, you get to pick your toppings, which include crispy onions, fried garlic, sesame seeds, ginger, wasabi, masago, avocado, edamame, roasted corn, crab meat, jicama, zesty mango and seaweed salad. 

During our visit to Hawaii Poke, I went with white rice as my base then I added seaweed, green onion and cucumber. For my proteins, I chose spicy salmon and shrimp. To make the meal saucy, I picked Hawaii Poke’s Hawaii poke sauce and spicy mayo. To top off my meal, I added avocado, corn, carrots and fried garlic. 

Hawaii Poke offers favorable portions so much that it made finishing the regular bowl too much. Everything was nice and fresh. All flavors blended well together. I would go back to Hawaii Poke to sample different combinations. 

My dining companion went with a regular bowl with zucchini noodles, green onion, cucumber, shrimp, grilled chicken, Hawaii poke sauce, spicy mayo, crab meat and spicy mango. 

To see the restaurant’s menu visit:

If you go: 

Hawaii Poke is located on the bottom floor of The Lyndon at 200 Springtown Way, Suite 106. 

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. seven days a week. 

Phone: 512-667-7091

Correction: In Friday's edition of the Daily Record, Hawaii Poke was referenced as Hawaiian Poke. This article has been updated to reflect the restaurant's appropriate name. We deeply regret the errors in Friday's edition. 

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