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The Journey Continues: Bible Quiz Part 2

Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Journey Column this week will challenge your restful summer with this Bible Quiz.

The following questions were framed by Gary M. Burge, a New Testament professor at Wheaton College in Illinois.


1. Which one of these books is not in the Bible?

a. Isaiah

b. Jude

c. Hezekiah

d. Amos

e. Song of Solomon


2. Who was Israel’s first king?

a. Saul

b. Solomon

c. David

d. Samuel

e. Moses


3. Sarah and Abraham had a son in their old age and named him:

a. Samuel

b. Moses

c. Isaac

d. Jacob

e. Ishmael


4. Which of the following is not an Old Testament prophet?

a. Elisha

b. Elijah

c. Aaron

d. Isaiah

e. Joel


5. Place these events in their Biblical order:

a. the giving of the law at Mount Sinai

b. Creation

c. the Fall

d. the Exodus led by Moses

e. the Flood of Noah.


6. Place the following characters in their Biblical order:

a. Moses

b. Adam

c. David

d. Solomon

e. Abraham


7.Which book is from the new testament?

a. Judges

b. Malachi c.Deuteronomy

d. Hebrews

e. Isaiah


8. Who wrote Philemon?

a. Philemon;

b. Paul;

c. Peter;

d. Onesimus;

e. John


9. Which one of the following was among Jesus’ 12 Apostles?

a. Paul

b. Matthew

c. Luke

d. Timothy

e. Silas


10. Whom did Pontius Pilate release during Jesus’ trial?

a. Barnabas

b. Peter

c. Silas

d. Barabbas

e. Paul


11. How many temptations did Jesus face in the wilderness?

a. one

b. two

c. three

d. four

e. five


12. Place the following events in their Biblical order:

a. The Holy Spirit descends on Pentecost

b. John has a vision on Patimos

c. Jesus is Baptized in the Jordan River

d. Paul, Barnabas and Mark are sent out on a mission by the church

e. Peter denies he knows Jesus.


13. Place the following events in their biblical order:

a. Paul’s arrest in Jerusalem

b. Mary’s son

c. Nicodemus’ conversation about rebirth

d. Peter’s denial of Jesus


14. Where would you find the Ten Commandments?

a. Isaiah

b. Exodus

c. Genesis

d. Numbers

e. Matthew


15. Where would you find the first Passover?

a. Genesis

b. Numbers

c. I Samuel

d. Exodus

e. 2 Kings


16. Where would you find “Create in me a clean heart, 0 God”?

a. Proverbs

b. Ezekiel

c. Psalms

d. Deuteronomy

e. Luke


17. Where would you find the Lord’s Prayer?

a. Matthew

b. Acts

c. Ephesians

d. Malachi

e. Isaiah


18. Where would you find “in the beginning was the word”?

a. Acts

b. Isaiah

c. John

d. Leviticus

e. Romans


19. Elizabeth and Zechariah were the parents of:

a. Jesus

b. Samuel


d. Timothy

e. John the Baptist


20. Jesus was crucified during:

a. Passover

b. Hanukkah

c. Tabernacles

d. Sabbath

e. Purim


1 c; 2 a; 3 c; 4 c; 5 b c e d a; 6 b e a c d; 7 d; 8 b; 9 b; 10 d; 11 c; 12 c e a d b; 13 b c d a; 14 b; 15 d; 16 c; 17 a; 18 c; 19 e; 20 a.

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