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The Journey Continues: Bonnie Romero Pecina

Sunday, May 12, 2019

My journey this week takes me to honoring motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of women in society.

“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land your Lord your God has given you.” Exodus 20:12

This is the first commandment with a promise attached. Mothers are special and they should be treated with honor. I remember at my home church in West Texas, we honored mothers by wearing a snippet of ribbon — red for a living mother and white if she was deceased. The oldest, youngest and mother with most children were presented with a small gift.

Today I honor Bonnie Romero Pecina, a “BISM," Born in San Marcos. Pecina is a mother of three sons, grandmother to six grandsons and a great-grandmother to one girl and two boys. Always an involved mother when her boys were in school, she attended all their events and games. She was vice president of the booster club. After her own sons were out of the home, Pecina began working under Nina Wright at Southwest Texas State University in the Drug Elimination Program which was part of the Family in Focus grant.

That was the start, since then Pecina has mothered hundreds of children in her 28 years of service at CM Allen Public Housing where she is the Child-Youth Service Coordinator for the KAD (Kids Against Drugs) for San Marcos Public Housing Authority (SMPHA). She takes time to know each child and routinely visits teachers and parents.

Her effectiveness as an advocate for children and youth was recognized by Governor Ann W. Richards and State Representative Patrick Rose with an official resolution which she cherishes.

The KAD Center provides students a safe and friendly environment where they do homework, computer education, eat a meal and benefit from Pecina’s personal attention. Children socialize with other children and participants are rewarded with extra activities including field trips, etc.

The children and youth know that Pecina cares and her message is “education is the key to the future and a good job. Always do the right thing and be a leader, not a follower.”

The following accolades are well deserved:

“Bonnie Pecina is a living legend at C.M. Allen Homes.," SMPHA Resident Service Director Gene Martin said. "It never ceases to amaze me the number of young adults that come back to visit and talk about what a positive influence Bonnie had been on their lives growing up at CM. Allen. The work Bonnie does with the at-risk youth in this community is having a generational impact. Bonnie is one of the unsung heroes in our community quietly making San Marcos a great place to live.”

“I have seen countless numbers of individuals come in (the KAD Center) and thank Bonnie for what she does as well as explain to her how much of an impact she had made on that individual’s life” Texas State University social work student Sophia Phillips said.

Pecina has patterned compassionate and respectful social work techniques to countless numbers of university interns during her 28 years at CM Allen.

“KAD Corner is more than just a building with four walls, it is a place where our children, first, are safe and they can broaden their education," a resident mom said. "Our wonderful Service Coordinator, Mrs. Bonnie Pecina makes our community feel like home.”

Bonnie Pecina's life verse is:

“God is my refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Psalms 46:1

This woman is touching lives, serving others and making a difference.

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