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The Journey Continues: Cathy Carson

Sunday, July 14, 2019

My journey this week takes me to a different path for my column — my first selection of poetry by Cathy Carson, a resident at CM Allen Public Housing a mother of five.

The following poem from her book "Inspirational Poems" acknowledges her journey of strength and faith in God as learned from her parents.


“Through it all, from the beginning, as when I was a child; I did what I was told. Right now, I’m speaking boldly; my Lord and my Savior helped my parents raise us.

“Jesus Christ is right now and forever; Growing up was tuff, but He is how we made it, Food on the table, clothes on our back, mama took us to church that’s how it begins. I remember, back when, my parents struggled to find their strength, there was so much trouble, although.

“It was hard working in the cotton fields! On a hot scorching day, just to make ends meet, for my parents, they did find a way.

“Then, I grew up, so suddenly and unexpectedly the tables were turned, I now care for my parents, so much to learn.

“Where do I get my strength, when my Mama took ill, and no longer could walk, everyday was painful to her. I must remember what I was taught.

“Be Kind, be gentle, be loving. Just continue giving.

“Please God our Father in heaven, where do I find my strength, because the tables got turned, now, I’m caring for my Daddy, so much to learn.

“That strong man I remembered who carried me around, one day I come home to find him on the ground.

“Lying there, confused and disorientated, quiet, not a sound, and blood dripping from his face all the way to the ground.

“Where do I find my strength to move on in life, after knowing and living this couple for such a long time?

“Then, just like that, a shocking surprise, they’re gone onto Glory, gone from my life.

"Now, this is a fact, no more suffering, no more pain, they’re in the best hands, their beings well, taken care of, they’re in the promised land!

“Now that I’m older, steering close to that age, Life just got harder, now I’m frustrated and dazed.

"I’m serving my Lord and personal Savior, I’m feeling strong, but of course that ole enemy is trying to tell me wrong!

“In Jesus Name, I rebuke you devil, remove yourself from me, because, my soul, you aren’t ever getting, ya see.

“Bad choices and confusion, despair and regrets, my life was all messed up, but who’s the blame for that.

“The bills keep coming, the money runs short, eviction, repossession, cancellations, bringing down my health, out of sort.

“Where do I find my strength? Cause I’m feeling despair? My Lord, My God, is where!

“He gives me joy, He gives me peace, He gives me patience and control, because He loves me.

"He shows me just what I need, He encourages me, and places me where He wants me to be.

"He makes me strong, so I can go on, I will never be alone. He forgives me, He fights my battles, I will trust in him, nothing else matters.

“No more worrying, no more doubt, He’s all that I need, this I shout out loud.

“I will keep going, because I knowing, that my Savior will be there, He won’t let me fall, He builds up my faith in Him, I will serve and obey his every word.

“I was taught to believe in God at all times. To put him first, have no doubts, no more trying to do things on my own, my strength comes from King Jesus, I will leave the rest alone.”

“God is my strength forever more; I will always trust that He knows just what my future holds.”

Carson attends Sledge Chapel Baptist Church in Kyle, and her life verse is:

“The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace.” Psalms 29:1

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