The Journey Continues: The Cold

Because of the recent cold weather, my journey brought back memories of winters past. I spent my formative years in West Texas on a ranch (cow/ calf operation) and winter was not a good time to be a cow! Mother cows were range cows with no manmade structures for protection. During the bitter cold mornings, my task was to break the ice crust on the stock tank/pond with an ax in the early morning hours for the cows to access water. In tandem, dropping bundle feed or hay off the back of a pickup completed the work – cold!

My Army days produced more ice-cold memories, which I did not forget. In Europe during field training exercises, the policy was “no cover on jeeps.” The reason, something about observing enemy aircraft. Imagine riding in subzero cold at 40 MPH in an open jeep? In Korea, at Camp Casey, the morning PT was scheduled for 7 a.m. and temperature had to be under six degrees for the road run to be cancelled. During Ranger training in north Florida in the winter, on a patrol I walked all night through a frozen swamp with each step breaking the ice underfoot – cold!

I have heard it said, “a man will do anything when he is cold to get warm.” Incidentally, the coldest temperature recorded in our area (Camp Mabry-San Marcos) was five degrees Fahrenheit on Jan. 31, 1949.

The scriptures recognize the phenomena of “cold.” In Genesis 8:22 it says, “If the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

After the flood, God made this promise as evidenced by every changing season we experience. Feeling hot or cold is a reminder of his promise.

Scripture also warns of the consequences of cold which makes one slow or lazy. Proverbs 20: 4: “The sluggard will not plow by reason the cold; therefore, shall he beg in harvest and have nothing.”

Same thing today, one must work and save, or you will not have money when you need it.

The Apostle Paul laments on the trials he had encountered in the service of Christ in Acts 11:27b “I have known hunger and thirst and have often gone without food; I have been cold and naked.” Following Paul’s example, if we share such trials, they are useful for Christ to build our character and demonstrate our faith.

There is no scriptural record of Jesus Christ experiencing the cold of the air. More significantly, however, he experienced the coldness of people’s’ hearts. As Christ modeled and taught, we need to show love by sharing our warmth with others in need.

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