The Journey Continues: Harvey & Helena Bartash

TMy journey this week took Judy and I to visit “old Army” friends Harvey and Helena Bartash who lived across the street from us on post at Fort Meade, Maryland. He shared life-force experiences he had early in his army career and with his permission, I want to share with you one of his stories:

“After enlisting in August 1964, my first assignment was basic training, at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. Following was Advanced Individual Training (AIT) in communications. The day of AIT graduation, I was tasked with the duty of leading a group of eight soldiers to Vint Hill Farm Station, Virginia, for advanced Army Security training in communications. Following instructions and reporting to the local airport we found only three plane tickets – the balance would have to ride a bus. Naturally, no one wanted to take the bus – what to do? My decision: ‘We are in this together, we are going to start together and we are going to end together.’

“We all got on the same bus. After a tedious ride, hours later, upon arriving in Warrenton, Virginia, during the early morning hours I called the unit and the charge of quarters answered. I identified myself and he quickly handed me off to the first sergeant. I thought it unusual for the first sergeant to be on duty that early in the morning. With urgency, he said, ‘Do not move, transportation is on the way – the airplane that you did not board crashed, and all 87 passengers perished. We were beginning the process of informing next of kin when you called.’ What a feeling!”

“It had been quite a night! To the barracks for some well-deserved sleep…. on a long line of bunk beds, I chose one where the mattress was folded in a s-shape. On unfolding it, providentially, a lone unreturned library book fell out entitled “Jews, God and History” by Max Dumont. This book changed my life. My family was Jewish, and my beliefs had been loosely tied together based on my knowledge of holidays and family traditions. I had been searching… and the book offered explanation of Judaism; it gave me understanding of my belief system, strengthened my faith. “

Harvey’s life verse is:

“That thou mayest walk in the way of good men and keep the paths of the righteous.”

Proverbs 2:20

Harvey is a retired LTC. He and his wife Helena live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and I have great respect for them. I will continue their journey next week.

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