The Journey Continues: A New Year’s Message

As my journey continues toward the New Year, I always think about change. I connect the new year to the challenge of change in my life. I remember my evangelist friend, Eloy Chavez, from my San Marcos Baptist Academy days. He began every sermon with the statement, “I know there is something in your life you want to change.”

Some things never change. In Malachi 3:6, we read: “I am the Lord, I do not change.” The Laws of Nature do not change, global warming, heat melts ice every time. Animal behavior, the eggs of all fowl have the same basic shape, a big blunt end and a small pointed end and when laid, the small end comes out first, every time. Animals when lying down follow the same instincts, a milk cow gets up on the back legs first, every time. A horse gets up on the front legs first, every time. An elephant gets up using all four legs simultaneously, every time.

Some things need to be changed. Changing attitude to “I can” instead of “I can’t”; stop judging others; practice being a neighbor. Change where I spend my time. Change how I use my finances. Change my spiritual life – read scripture, pray. Change my physical life – exercise, watch my eating habits. Change my mental life – exercise my mind to look carefully at what I read, watch and pattern after. Change how I participate in caring for our world, our nation, our community, our family.

What is holding you back from changing?

My old friend, Jerry Bullock, who wrote a column, “Life’s Like That” for 32 years for this newspaper addressed the subject of change in several columns. Jerry wrote, “People just don’t like change. Our routine is our comfort zone. It is familiar and safe even if it is less satisfactory than we might like it to be, the unfamiliar ground seems unsafe and alien. Sudden and unexpected change can be devastating. Most of all, we must be willing to change. That sounds easy, but experts tell us we will not change personal habits to save our lives. You know you need to stop smoking, y to lose weight. You are sure these habits will shorten your life. Even so you will fight the change until it kills you.”

The real reality is this: in desperation you say, “I just can’t stop ______. Or, “I just can’t start _____.” After failing over and over, has it ever occurred to introduce the biggest change agent in recorded time into your life, the Lord Jesus Christ? Take these petitions to the Lord and pray over them, lay them at the Cross.

More on change next week.

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