Mountain Laurel Garden Club hosts Cottage Kitchen

From left to right are Linda Pennington, Ellie Stewart, Laura Weatherford, Adelaide McAninch, Eleanor Pulver, Letha Allen, Liz Weatherspoon, Jerry Kimmel, Beverly Owen, and Bonnie Longcope. PHOTO COURTESY OF MOUNTAIN LAUREL GARDEN CLUB

The Mountain Laurel Garden Club will be hosting lunch at the Charles S. Cock House Museum, located at 400 W. Hopkins Street, from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., Jan. 19.

The menu will feature King Ranch Chicken (in partnership with Crystal River Inn), winter salad, croissants, a beverage and homemade desserts all for $8 (cash and checks accepted only). All are welcome to attend.

All proceeds benefit the Heritage Association of San Marcos, an organization that supports the preservation of historic buildings and celebrates the culture and traditions that beautify and enrich the San Marcos community.

Cottage Kitchen began more than 40 years ago inside the Charles S. Cock home, a historic stone house that is now listed in the National Register. Charles S. Cock was a pioneer and a former mayor of San Marcos.

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