SMUUF celebrates anniversary in wake of loss

From left to right are Jon Cradit, joined 1995; Ken Burks, joined 2004; Barbara Jacobson, joined 1993; Lee Bricker, joined 2009; Jan Burks, joined 2004; Louise Ernest, joined 1995; Julie Parsons, joined 1993; Todd Derkacz, joined 1987; Teresa Smetzer, joined 1988; Dan Gibson, joined 1987; Jeannie Lewis, joined 1987; Laura Harville, joined 2009; and John Demaree, joined 1987. PHOTO COURTESY OF SMUUF

The San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (SMUUF) celebrated it's 30th anniversary at a special church service on Sunday, Nov. 5. There was a meeting before the worship service to which original founders and early members were invited to recall their early memories of the church's formation.

"It was so good to hear some of our founders and early members recount their memories of our early church," Jeannie Lewis, one of the co-founders of SMUUF, said. "We have grown so much since 1987, we kind of recall those days of a tiny congregation struggling with some humor. It's been a wonderful ride!"

Lewis added, "We've grown to over 100 members. But we're now struggling to deal with the sudden death of our beloved minister Rev. Scottie McIntyre Johnson. She was our guiding force."

The church is determined to go on and grow and thrive as Rev. Scottie urged them to do.

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