TxST student's show to debut Friday

Above is a piece by Lauren Riojas titled "Blue Suede Flats." PHOTO COURTESY OF JONATHAN WOODS.

Ancient Vibes, Modern Shoes: an Exhibit of Contrasts

Dahlia Woods Gallery is excited to announce its first show in 2017, “Ancient Vibes, Modern Shoes: an Exhibit of Contrasts," which debuted Friday, Feb. 10 and is continuing through March 25.

Lauren Riojas, a graduate in painting from Texas State University and based in New Braunfels, paints bold, realistic canvases of beautiful everyday objects. The personal objects she depicts recall past events: A pair of party shoes, favorite boots, a hand-knit blanket, an unmade bed. Each painting brings with it a sense of warmth and well-being, with its bright color palette and recollection of a memorable human moment, whether it be a night on the town wearing fancy shoes or a luxurious nap taken beneath a colorful ornamental shawl. Riojas’ work imbues images of the ordinary with depths of meaning and beauty.

Clay DeStefano, long associated with the Eye of the Dog artist retreat, creates works of fired clay and mixed media which call up the ancient world, from a Paleolithic fertility goddess to a mythical mermaid to ancient Greek statuary. At the same time, DeStefano brings to these re-imaginings of antiquity a post-modern sense of humor, whether it be the fragment of a mermaid's tail constructed from a palm frond and crushed bottle caps for scales or a partial Greek figure in clay decorated with a barbwire imprint and entitled “Cow Girl." DeStefano's beautifully crafted art objects are inspired by ancient history, myth and a post-modern sensibility.

The Dahlia Woods Gallery is located at 232 N. LBJ Drive. For more information contact the gallery at 214-563-7523 or dahliawoods@gmail.com. Our website is at dahliawoodsgallery.com. Dahlia Woods Gallery also includes Pinky's Wine Bar, serving Texas wines, and Bad Boy Books, featuring crime and edgy literary fiction.


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