'Weekend of Welcome' for Bobcats


Prepare to be "WoWed" for the Weekend of Welcome Festival this Saturday, Sept. 30 from 12 - 7 p.m.

The vision behind WoWFest comes from student Khalil Vinson. His intention is to bring Texas State students off campus and to introduce them to the city of San Marcos. He knows students who are new to town tend to get stuck living from class-to-class and don't make it out to see what the community has to offer.

That's why he teamed up with Texas State Gallery Curator and Art Squared Manager Kelsey Huckaby and Faylita Hicks of Arrondi Creative Productions to produce an event to do just that. When you think of San Marcos, you think of the river, the Unicycle Football League, the talent and the artists and that's what Weekend of Welcome looks to give them. Hicks has the music connection, Huckaby has the art connection and Vinson had the vision.

Weekend of Welcome will showcase over 25 local artists associated with the Gallery of the Common Experience and Art Squared with the Art League in addition to some of the local organizations that bring the city culture such as the San Marcos Cinema Club, the Unicycle Football League and SMTX Pride. There will also be a traditional Chinese tea ceremony called Gong Fu Cha in addition to a student-community Campus Canvas painting project on the Texas State University Common Experience 2017-2018 theme of Justice. There will also be local music performances by student performers as well as local musicians.

The idea is to integrate the university life with city and community life so that students can help break a barrier while they're coming to a new town. It's not just about the students, but about everyone in the community together. We want San Marcos to be the first place students look for opportunity when they leave the university. Come celebrate San Marcos with us and give the new kids in town a taste of what we're about.

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