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The Wood Duck is one of the most stunningly pretty of all waterfowl. Males are iridescent chestnut and green, with ornate patterns on nearly every feather. Freeuse photo

Exploring Nature: Five Best Birds

What are the five best birds to see in the United States? Here is one list for your consideration: 1. Kirtland’s warbler: The current population is about 4,500 individuals for

Viticulture, the study of grape cultivation, is about as old as civilization itself. Archaeological evidence suggests humans began growing grapes as early as 6500 B.C. during the Neolithic period. Freeuse photo

Growth in gardening: 'I heard it through the grapevine'

A few weeks back my grandson mentioned how surprised he was to realize grapes could have seeds. That child's simple comment made me wonder – how many others ever think


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