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Thank you Lions Club

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, September 30, 2018


In their new shoes, the children take off running as the horn sounds to start the Sights & Sounds 5K race. The morning has finally arrived for them to test their endurance. And when they near the finish line, running through a crowd of cheering fans, they are out of breath. Their faces are flushed as sweat seeps through their shirts. For many, the newness of the experience is exhilarating and exhausting. They are tired, as they have given their all. But later that night, as they settle into bed, the memories of the morning are vivid and everlasting. And why not? After all, these kids run this town. All thanks to an organization well-deserving of recognition...

The Lions Club of San Marcos.  

Over the years, we’ve have had the privilege to be part of a non-profit organization called Angel Drops, whose mission is to support and guide children and their families to strive toward a healthy lifestyle through opportunities in exercise, overall wellness, nutritional and fitness education.

The San Marcos Lions Club issues over $300,000 each year — generated from their profits at the tube rental — to local non-profit organizations. As a recipient of their generosity, the money that Angel Drops receives helps us give back to the community.  

We are able to cover costs for San Marcos youth who are involved in various athletic activities in the town. From ballet to soccer to providing shoes and jerseys to covering fees for area running races as well as sponsoring other fitness related events, the money is utilized productively.  

The Lions Club accepts our application every year and, in turn, makes it possible for Angle Drops to support elementary school run clubs in San Marcos.  

If it weren’t for their wonderful generosity, Angel Drops would not come close to providing to the community all that it does.  

Angel Drops has always been about guiding children toward a healthy lifestyle. We’ve never been concerned about how fast a child might run, or whether or not he or she might have finished in their age-group. Instead, it’s been about encouraging children to put one foot in front of the other to find out just how capable they are. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned about the children of San Marcos, it’s that they are  very  capable.

With that said, we want to extend a huge THANK YOU to every Lion in San Marcos and the staff who work so hard during the summer months, making the tube rental successful.  Thanks to you, the kids now run this town.  


Jill Holechek Ros Hill Angel Drops

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