City will implement Stage I water rules on Sunday, Sept. 24

The city of San Marcos will return to Stage 1 water restrictions on Sunday, Sept. 24 after a brief respite from drought conditions. The Edwards Aquifer Authority implemented Stage 1 on Sept. 18.

Stage 1 drought rules restrict use of sprinklers to one day per week on a designated weekday determined by address. Irrigation using hose-end sprinklers is allowed on the designated weekday before 10 a.m. or after 8 p.m. Irrigation with automatic irrigation systems is allowed on the designated weekday beginning at 8 pm and ending the following morning at 8 am.

Hand watering and using soaker hoses or drip irrigation is allowed on any day and at any time.

Stage 1 rules also limit athome car washing, washing of impervious surfaces and foundation watering to one day per week. Watering day is Monday for those whose addresses end in a 0 or 1; Tuesdays for addresses ending in 2 or 3; Wednesday for addresses ending with 4 or 5; Thursdays for addresses ending in 6 or 7 and Friday for addresses ending in 8 or 9.

Wasting water is prohibited.

The full text of the Stage 1 rules can be found on the city’s website at

Stage 1 is implemented when the 10-day average Edwards Aquifer index well level falls below 660 feet above mean sea level (msl). On Wednesday, the 10-day average aquifer level was at 658.8 feet and the daily reading was 657.5 feet.

“Even though we are heading into the autumn months, it’s important that we continue to be vigilant,” Tom Taggart, executive director of public services, said. “Evapotranspiration rates are lower so cutting back on lawn watering just makes sense, and it can keep us from going into higher drought stages.”

For more information please visit the city’s website or call Jan Klein at 512-393-8310.

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