First of two river films to screen today

jordan buckley diver san marcos cinema club spring lake

A diver at the bottom of Spring Lake (from “River of Innocence”). PHOTO COURTESY OF SAN MARCOS CINEMA CLUB


A pair of seminal films profiling the San Marcos River — “Yakona” (2014) and “The River of Innocence” (1983) — will be screening for free at the Price Center as part of a collaboration with Mermaid Society SMTX and San Marcos Cinema Club.

Tonight, at 7 p.m., director Ron Coley will accompany his hourlong PBS documentary “The River of Innocence,”  which has been newly remastered.

The screening is free and open to the public.

Cinema Club, the San Marcos non-profit film society, writes in its promotion of the documentary:  “There’s history aplenty of our town’s majestcially unique asset, with spacey footage from our river 35 years ago, alongside glances into San Marcos sub-cultures of the era.”

Coley, former director of the Aquarena Center and author of the popular coffeetable book profiling San Marcos and our river,  The Fountains of Saint Mark, said, “Looking back at all of my projects, films and awards, nothing compares to The River of Innocence.”  

He further reflected, “It’s an important story that I told to the best of my ability and the film is as relevant today as it was when it premiered 30 years ago.”

Tonight’s screening will be preceded by the top two rated entries of Cinema Club’s 72-hour Film Race this spring; both are short, riveroriented films:  “Searching for Mermaids” by John Joy, Malachi & Lily Muncy as well as “Currents” by Kimberly Tucker and Zac Witte.

Next Thursday at 7 p.m., Cinema Club will screen the local classic “Yakona.”

The pilot to “Polly Mermaid” — a “delightfully quirky cross of Princess Ariel and Pee Wee Herman” in the words of Cinema Club — will play just prior to “Yakona,” with a special visit by “Polly Mermaid” creator Indigo Rael, a talented actress who has recently moved to San Marcos.

Next Thursday’s screenings of Yakona and Polly Mermaid are also free and open to the public, part of SMTX Mermaid Splash 2017.

The Price Center is located at 222 W. San Antonio Street.

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