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Angela Nicole Rios, 26, Jordan Len Spruell, 27, Raul Hernandez Martinez III, 21, Brehondre Levelle Dones, 29, and Michael Montgomery, 30.

Five arrested in high risk stop SMPD SMPD Asst Chief Brandon Winken

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Five people were arrested after police stopped an allegedly stolen vehicle in a high-risk stop on Wednesday. The stop resulted in four arrests for possession of narcotics and a stolen firearm as well as one arrest for falsely reporting a stolen vehicle.

San Marcos Police officers responded to the 1600 block of Aquarena Springs Drive in reference to a stolen vehicle that was currently being driven. Officers located the vehicle in the 1800 block of Aquarena Springs Drive and conducted a high risk traffic stop.

Four individuals were removed from the vehicle and identified as Angela Nicole Rios, 26, Jordan Len Spruell, 27, Brehondre Levelle Dones, 29, and Michael Montgomery, 30. All four individuals inside the vehicle were detained by SMPD.

During a search of the vehicle, the officers found narcotics and a stolen handgun and observed that evidence was being tampered with. The investigation determined that the occupants were in possession of narcotics and that they were all attempting to destroy the evidence.

A fifth arrest occurred when police interviewed the driver of the stolen vehicle and the man that had reported the stolen vehicle, Raul Hernandez Martinez III, age 21. A search found past calls in reference to the vehicle being reported stolen by Martinez. Officers determined Martinez made a false claim that the vehicle was stolen. He was arrested and transported to the Hays County Law Enforcement Center. Martinez has three prior arrests for making false reports in Hays County.

SMPD Asst. Chief Brandon Winkenwerder said current information points to narcotic activity.

“This is all the information we have right now,” Winkenwerder said. “The incident reports have not all been completed but what is complete paints a picture of narcotics activity among this group of arrestees.”

Dones has a criminal record in Hays County dating back to 2010 that includes several possession charges and an assault charge. Montgomery has a criminal record in Hays County that includes robbery, a second degree felony, and aggravated robbery, a first degree felony.

Spruell has priors in Hays County including possession and two vehicle burglaries in 2015.

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