Highlights of Code SMTX


• Code SMTX is designed to reinforce the city’s Comprehensive Plan.

• Community priorities such as taking development pressure away from existing neighborhoods (all developed areas, not just single-family residential) and protecting the San Marcos River are part of the Comprehensive Plan and thus helped to shape Code SMTX.

• Code SMTX hopes to help address affordability issues by encouraging a mixture of housing options for residents.

• The code also includes high standards of design and requirements for transitions between different intensity zones.

• The code does not create development but provides rules for what kinds of development should go in which areas.

• The most intense development is expected to be in the Springtown area, where the city wants to encourage a strong mix of uses much like downtown.

•  Other development is being guided to areas on the south side of town and east of the interstate, which are among the city’s least environmentally sensitive areas.

• The code will go through three public hearings, a vote by the Planning and Zoning Commission and two readings by the City Council before it is approved.

--Compiled by Robin Blackburn

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