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Kids learning about birds at Discovery Camp

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Hunter Mach uses a spoon to carefully spread sunflower butter on a toilet paper roll before covering it in sunflower seeds to make a bird feeder. The exercise was part of Central Texas Critter Week at Discovery Camp. The nine-week-long camp aims to get youth to explore, understand and experiment with the natural world around them. Daily Record photos by Denise Cathey

Campers walk through the gardens behind the Discovery Center as they look for native birds during Central Texas Critter week for  the city of San Marcos’s Discovery Camp.

Kai Leibold rests his head upon his knee as he listens to a presentation on how researchers band birds in order to study them.

A box of differently-sized bird bands sits out on a table so campers can see how different birds receive differently sized bands in order for researchers to keep track of them.

Doctoral student Rebekah Rylander points out a special birdhouse for campers that she uses to study two birds and their nest of chicks.