‘La Pastorale’ exemplifies the meaning of the Christmas season

Shepherds, played by Esther Rodriguez, Cuca Rodriguez and Connie Vasquez, sing as they hear of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem during a performance of “La Pastorela” at Cuauhtemoc Hall. 

The Virgin Mary (Joann Ruiz) follows along in her script book as Michael the Archangel (Norma Vasquez) drags a chained Lucifer (Richard Vasquez) to the foot of the manger during the performance of “La Pastorela” at Cuauhtemoc Hall.

Satan (Francisco Sandoval), audience volunteer Eli Zapata, Devil (Rose Ramirez) and Sin (Sergio Castaneda) try to free Lucifer from his chains.

The hermit (Felipe Barajas), who has waited for many years for Jesus, asks to join the group of shepherds on their way to Bethlehem.The group sees their performance as a way of reminding children that Christ, not presents, is the main focus of Christmas.

Satan and a Devil (Francisco Sandoval and Rose Ramirez) drag shepherd Tebano (Connie Vasquez), who has been worked upon by them to give up on traveling to Bethlehem, into Hell as Lucifer (Richard Vasquez) follows behind.

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