16 teams vie for quidditch title

A chaser for the UTSA team catches Sam Houston on their heels for the easy score at the quidditch tourney. DAILY RECORD PHOTOS BY DONAVAN JACKSON

These athletes take the sport very seriously, as they should. Quidditch is full contact and big hits happen all the time.

Sixteen collegiate clubs showed up to San Marcos last Saturday to compete against one another.

Were they here for soccer? No. Lacrosse? Not quite.

All 16 clubs were up bright and early for the fifth annual quidditch Diamond Cup.

It has been 20 years since J.K. Rowling introduced the world to Harry Potter. Seven books and nine films later, we are surrounded by the world of magic.

Harry Potter has made its way to universal studios, Broadway stages around the world and most recently, the quidditch pitch.

“The Diamond Cup featured one of the highest levels of competition we have seen to date,” Leif Montgomery said. “We have teams from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and even New York.”

Texas State players look on as they begin their second match of the day.

Texas State players look on as they begin their second match of the day.

Although the world of quidditch is relatively young, Texas State has already become well-known for hosting well-ran tournaments and the facilities San Marcos has to offer.

The tournament was held at the West Campus Fields next to the Student Recreation Center. The fields were split into four in order for eight teams to play at once. 

For those unfamiliar with quidditch, the atmosphere was surprisingly competitive. 

Emotions were high as teammates showed their frustration with one another while the opponent celebrated in victory. 

“These athletes take the sport very seriously, as they should.” Montgomery said. “Quidditch is full contact and big hits happen all the time.”

Quidditch borrows a lot of rules from the game of rugby so it’s not unlikely to see a few big hits every match.

The preparations quidditch clubs go through is very similar to some of the more popular sports such as football or basketball. 

Teams work out, study film on their opponents and create strategies that they use to their advantage (man or zone coverages).

After a full day of games, the final match was set between the Lone Star Quidditch club and the Texas Calvary.

What began as a back-and-fourth match ended in a 100 - 80 win for the Texas Calvary.

Some went home in heartache and some in joy — but what remains the most important to quidditch and the world of Harry Potter is family.

“A few close friends started playing and attracted me to the game.” Montgomery said. “But I stayed because the people around me became my family.” 

As a proud Hufflepuff, Montgomery added that these tournaments are nationally recognized and encourages any Harry Potter fans to come out and spectate. 

If interested in joining, the team’s organization can be found on Facebook at Texas State Quidditch.

The next Texas State tournament, the Consolation Cup, is set for March 25-26.

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