Arrest warrant issued for man who shot officer

Stewart Mettz

Capitol Murder

Hays County has issued a warrant for the fatal shooting of a San Marcos police officer on Monday.

The warrant is for the arrest of Stewart Thomas Mettz for capital murder of a peace officer. Kenneth Copeland of the San Marcos Police Department, along with other officers, was serving a warrant for Mettz’s arrest when Mettz opened fire on the policemen, shooting Copeland numerous times. Copeland later died from his injuries.

According to the warrant, SMPD Detective Brady Templeton said that on Monday, Dec. 4, Copeland and other officers – all wearing police uniforms clearly showing their badges, and all driving marked police vehicles – arrived at Mettz’s house on Valero Drive to serve a felony arrest warrant on Mettz. Mettz opened the front door of his house and fired an unknown caliber gun at the officers. The officers returned fire and removed Copeland from the scene to transport him to Central Texas Medical Center.

Mettz later exited his residence and was seen to have a gunshot wound to his left side. San Marcos Fire Marshal Will Schwall provided first aid while Templeton read Mettz his Miranda rights and received confirmation that Mettz understood.

“Mettz then stated that he shot a police officer approximately two times in the officer’s chest area. It was clear that Mettz knew the person he shot was a police officer,” Templeton wrote in the warrant affidavit. “Mettz also indicated that the gunshot wound he suffered was inflicted by one of the officers on scene. Mettz then stated he was in too much pain to talk anymore and I concluded my interview with him.”

Mettz was taken to an Austin hospital for treatment of his injury.

The previous warrants for Mettz’s arrest stemmed from charges of assault-family violence, a misdemeanor, and assault of an elderly individual, a felony.

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