Calling all of San Marcos’ ugly Christmas sweaters

Sweater Contest

Think you have the ugliest Christmas sweater in town? We’re ready to agree — or to call your bluff.

The San Marcos Daily Record will hold an Ugly Sweater contest on Wednesday, Dec. 6 at Sights & Sounds of Christmas.

Stop by our tent and have your picture taken, the earlier the better (gates open at 5 p.m.). Th en, the drama starts.

Daily Record Publisher Don Moore said fi nalists will receive a text during the festival and will be asked to line up on stage at 9 p.m., when the winner will be announced. Th e winner will have his or her photo in the Record on Friday, Dec. 8.

So raid those closets and dive into those drawers and see how your ugly sweater matches up against others in town. “The winner just needs to pick up a copy of the Record on Friday and start bragging to all their friends,” Moore said.

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