City restriping for LBJ Drive parking Sunday

A woman directs a friend through back-in parking on North LBJ Drive. DAILY RECORD PHOTO BY RUSSELL WILDE

Bye Bye to Backing In

For many, the long nightmare is almost over, back-in parking on North LBJ will be gone when the sun rises on Monday morning. 

Beginning early Sunday morning, North LBJ from Hopkins Street to University Drive will be closed. Crews will remove and repaint the parking spaces, a process that is expected to be finished Monday morning. The city chose this timeframe because it would lessen the impact to businesses. 

When this section of downtown was reconstructed, back-in parking was the topic of much debate and discussion so it was designed to accommodate either parking configuration. That means no parking spaces will be lost in the transition.

The city first implemented the parking scheme more than three years ago as part of the downtown master plan. Complaints from some business owners and community members started almost immediately.

Reverse-angle parking supporters say that it makes it easier for drivers to leave the parking spot and is safer for bike riders and pedestrians. Critics say it can be a challenge to safely reverse because cars often follow too close.

The city council unanimously voted to bring back the more customary parking method back in January.

For now, back-in parking will remain in place on Hutchison but that street has been targeted for reconfiguration to better accommodate buses. If that happens, some of the back-in spaces on that street would be removed.

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