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Council mulls creation of Animal Services Committee

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The San Marcos City Council approved the expansion of powers and duties relating to the  Animal Shelter Advisory Committee during the first regular meeting of 2022. 

The approval comes after the committee recommended revisions to council, which included having a more active role in supporting the Animal Shelter and its leadership team. 

During the discussion, councilmember Shane Scott made a motion to postpone the item for the  March 8 meeting with his reasoning being that the shelter manager position is vacant.

“I think we’re just kind of spinning our wheels without a director there to really engage with this group to make plans that are really going to be, you know, useful and sincere,” Scott said. 

Other councilmembers disagreed with Scott’s motion to postpone. 

“By putting this off until we have somebody in place, which we don’t know will be done in that 60-day time frame,” Councilmember Maxfield Baker said. “Fingers crossed it would be but potentially we’re going to have animals continue to die throughout that time period because as the committee sort of put together, they think these additional powers and duties will help them save lives.” 

Ultimately, the council voted against the postponement and vote in favor of Mayor Jane Hughson’s motion to approve the item 6-1. 

In regard to the discussion to consider the creation of a Council Committee for the Animal Shelter, Hughson clarified her purpose relating to the item. 

“I sort of spoke too soon on this one and I really meant to say animal services, not animal shelter because I’m not looking to get into managing the shelter in any way, shape or form,” Hughson said. “My goal is for us to come up with ways to educate and engage the community regarding animal services, this includes working with the animal advocates.” 

Hughson further explained the work of the animal advocates and how they provide much of the needed support for the animal shelters and promote adoptions and fosters. Hughson also expressed interest in working with the shelter partners such as those in the surrounding areas and cities.

Councilmembers agreed with the idea of the council committee and have plans to further discuss the purpose, mission and committee members in the future. 

During the meeting, the council held a public hearing related to amending the official zoning map of the city by rezoning approximately 3.59 acres of land, generally located at the Northwest Corner of Highway 123 and Clovis Barker Road intersection, from “FD” Future Development District to “HC” Heavy Commercial District. 

The presentation, given by Director of Planning and Development Services, Shannon Mattingly mentioned that the Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the denial of the request to become an HC District and approve a less intense Commercial “CM” District. 

Councilmembers went on to vote in favor of the Planning and Zoning Commission’s suggestion, 5-1. 

The second public hearing was held regarding the submission of an application for Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs for the renovation of the existing Champions Crossing multifamily housing project located at 345 Champions Boulevard. The LIHTC was requesting the extension of the affordability period to 2052 and proposed the remodeling of property.

Before voting, councilmember Maxfield Baker requested that actual income ranges for the housing when it comes to future presentations. The council ultimately voted in favor of the item 5-0. 

The final public hearing was related to the approval of a sixth amended and restated development agreement with Lazy Oaks Ranch, LP and its partial assignees in connection with the La Cima Development near the intersection of Old Ranch Road 12 and Wonder World Drive that provides additional standards for the first phase of multifamily development. 

The amendment included a setback of 180 feet from single-family property line to nearest multifamily structure and a 100-foot setback from Centerpoint Rd. Additionally, there will be a maximum overall height of 3 stories and a 2-story maximum height near single-family and Centerpoint Rd.

Previously, the La Cima City Council Committee discussed and approved of the changes that were requested. Council members went on to unanimously approve these changes as well. 

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