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Council will give final consideration of Bucee’s

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The San Marcos City Council is set to give final consideration to a Buc-ees Travel Center, consider action related to a complaint to the Ethics Review Commission against a city council member or appointee and will consider several change order amendments and renewals ranging from $20,000 to $230,000 at the regularly scheduled meeting at 6 p.m. today.

The council is set to give final consideration to the Economic Development Incentive Agreement with Buc-ee’s San Marcos, LLC., which provides incentives in the form of refunds of 50% of sales taxes generated by the company over 15 years for the construction of a new Buc-ee’s Travel Center along I-35 south of Yarrington Road. The agreement also grants a variance to the height and area requirements for one pole sign.

The council is set to consider approving the appointment of the law firm Messer Fort, PLLC as special counsel to advise the Ethics Review Commission as required when the Commission receives a complaint against a member of City Council or one of the City Council’s appointees. The fiscal impact is $20,000. The council member’s name, or the name of the appointee, was not included in the packet.

The council is set to consider a $230,730 Change in Service, which is the fourth change, related to the I-35 shared use path connection project to include final design, bidding and construction phase services.

The council is set to consider approval of the fourth Change Order amendment for $206,533 to the participation agreement with Lazy Oaks Ranch, LP for changes that that include additional costs incurred with the signalization of the intersection of Centerpoint Road and Wonder World Drive and upsizing the waterline from 12 to 16 inches.

The council is set to consider approval of a $125,000 annual amount with up to four one-year renewals for Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity electrician services contracts with CT Electric and Alterman, Inc.

The council is set to consider authorizing a $44,931 Change in Service to the agreement with the Quetel Corporation to provide for the renewal of evidence management software for the San Marcos Police Department. This would also approve three additional one-year extensions to the agreement.

The council is set to approve a Change in Service to extend the agreement with the annual amount of $20,268 with up to three one-year renewals for media brochure distribution for the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The council is set to consider approval of a settlement agreement to resolve all claims in the pending litigation SM Block 21, LLC v. city of San Marcos. Original Town of San Marcos, SM Block 21, LLC is claiming to own marketable title to an area adjacent to Lots 4 and 5, believed by the City to be a public alley. In essence, SM Block 21, LLC asserts that area was not reserved as a public alley and was vacated by the city in 1973. Ambiguities in conveyance instruments going back several decades would make it difficult for the city to conclusively establish title to the area if the city were to pursue litigation on the merits to conclusion.

Under the terms of the agreement, SM Block 21 will pay the city $45,000 in exchange for the city’s release of all claims to the area in dispute.

The meeting can be viewed in person at City Hall or online at san-marcos- php?view_id=9.

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