Dr. Elena Villanueva to address Wellness EXPO

Dr. Elena Villanueva

We believe that numerous health professionals can help and support a long life. Dr. Elena Villanueva DO or as she is known on national TV and radio, “Dr. V,” will be one of eight wellness speakers at the 2nd annual “Wellness EXPO.” Being that the EXPO will be one of the events that is a part of the Run for the Americas, the forever theme “Living healthy to age 100” qualifies Dr. V. to be the perfect speaker to emphasize the importance of taking care of one’s health and learning how to identify and manage health conditions.

As a chiropractic doctor, Villanueva practices holistic medicine based on the principles of functional medicine in Austin. Villanueva’s passion is supporting people in their search for healthier alternatives in healing their chronic conditions and working with individuals looking to establish a healthier lifestyle. Her specializations include: balancing female hormones, supporting autoimmune disorders, type II diabetes, neuro chemical imbalances, genetic defects including MTHFR, insomnia and metabolic syndrome, among other conditions . She is passionate about learning and utilizing cutting edge technology for genetic analysis and epigenetics while employing functional nutrition. With genetic data, she can analyze underlying issues with her patients and precisely create personalized programs to work to heal and target the source of chronic conditions.

Villanueva took interest in not only the wisdom found in ancestral, biological and ecological science, but also in the meta physical nature of healing the body, mind and spirit. Through her practice, she aims to provide an environment of selfempowerment as she works to support the healing of ailments and their underlying causes. Villanueva is seasoned both scientifically and experientially in a wide variety of complementary healing approaches including holistic medicine, natural organic herbs, meditation and more.

She obtained her doctorate of Chiropractic medicine in 2003 and founded her first practice in Lakeway that same year. Villanueva focused primarily on athletes, with an emphasis on performance enhancement and specialized rehabilitation of sport-specific injuries. Her patients have included NFL players, PGA golfers, Olympic sportsmen and other elite athletes. She has worked with worldtraveling medical teams and has treated athletes at Olympic-qualifying events and international sporting functions. In 2009, she was honored as the Official University of Texas sports injury commentator for the UT sports radio station.

 Villanueva will exhibit an interesting presentation on “The Gut/Brain Connection” relating to Anxiety & Depression” and her own experience with hereditary genes and sickness at the Wellness EXPO. Her expertise in holistic medicine and other fields are only a plus to the fact that her passion came from personal experiences and the desire to find more natural and effective ways to heal the body. Her credentials and history show that Villanueva truly has a genuine concern for her patients and loves assisting them in establish a healthier lifestyle.

The EXPO will take place at The Embassy Suites & San Marcos Conference Center, starting at 9:45 a.m. In addition to the speakers, there will be numerous tables displaying samples and information from various sources to help you start on your new health journey. The event will be free to the public but you must have a ticket for entry. To obtain your complimentary ticket visit http://tinyurl.com/wellness4ever.

There are two distinctive paths you can take: prevent illness by living a healthy and active lifestyle and avoiding the costly healthcare expenses or leaving your family too soon, or; reverse the current diagnosis or illness by changing eating and exercise habits to extend your life span, which path will you take?

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