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Above, a screenshot displays an example of the City of Kyle's new rideshare partnership with Uber, which starts at $3.14 for all of its residents and visitors. Screenshot courtesy of the City of Kyle

Kyle launches $3.14 local rideshare program

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

In partnership with Uber, the City of Kyle announced the launch of a $3.14 city-subsidized rideshare program for all residents and visitors.

Originally set to launch in August, users can now travel within city limits via an Uber ride for an initial $3.14 fee. Subsidizing up to $10 per ride, the program will provide riders a monthly voucher valid for eight one-way trips through the city’s mobile app.

“This is a program that everybody can use,” Mayor Pro Tem Rick Koch said. “It’s adopting something that the world already uses. Over the years we’ve been looking for a way to provide citywide transportation that was both cost effective and convenient for residents and visitors. It just makes great financial sense for us to basically embrace technology and find the most value for our dollar.”

Riders will be responsible for any charges that go over the $10 city subsidy and initial $3.14, but Jerry Hendrix, chief of staff, said most trips would cost less than $10.

“You have to start in Kyle, end in Kyle, but you can never leave Kyle,” Hendrix said. “Our testing shows us that you can pretty much go from one corner of Kyle to the other corner for less than $10. So, we believe this will cover all those trips.”

Accommodating people with disabilities, the program offers wheelchair accessible vehicles for the same cost on UberWAV. The app is also equipped to facilitate non-verbal communication between the rider and driver, if necessary.

“We're proud to stand with the City of Kyle to expand public transportation to more people and places,” Ellie Newnham, Head of Uber Transit Agency Relations, said in a press release. “Programs like the one we’re launching today can help communities stay connected, and more importantly, expand mobility to those who most critically need it. We look forward to working even more closely with Kyle in the coming months.”

For more information about the Uber Kyle $3.14 program, visit

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