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KZSM — Community radio, not rocket science

Sunday, March 10, 2019

We’ve previously mentioned that the quality of our programming is remarkable when one considers that most of our radio hosts have no previous radio experience. As one enters our broadcast studio, folks are impressed with the small amount of space it takes for us to do what we do. The other thing that catches one’s attention is the sound mixer board. It does look intimidating with all its buttons and knobs! So, how do we do it?

When one inquires about hosting a program, an application is submitted. Often, folks aren’t even sure what type of program they would like to produce. Generally, we advise applicants to consider what they feel most passionate about. That is the starting point and we can help them develop their idea into a workable program.

Training has developed from an onthe-job experience to a slightly more formalized regimen which includes class time with presentations on policies and procedures to familiarization with the software and the hardware that we use. The second phase involves spending time working with the software that is essential to the operation of the station. After the minimal required exercises, the applicant begins to sit with an already experienced radio host and observe while the host is on the air. There is also a minimal number of hours required and the applicant will observe several different staff members as each radio host has their own unique methods that are germane to the type of show that they produce. Once the individual feels confident to begin broadcasting their own program, they will sit in the booth under the supervision of a trainer. The trainer will accompany the new radio host until they are confident that proficiency has been accomplished.

Many of our radio hosts may accommodate individuals who would like to visit in the studio during their program. Anyone interested in visiting or inquiring further may contact the radio station to arrange a visit. Of course, our radio hosts are usually available to answer your questions during our Kissing Alley concerts, at our booth at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings, or you can join us for our next volunteer staff meeting on March 27 at Wake the Dead Coffee House.

Meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. and are always open to the public. Come and meet your true community radio staff, bring your ideas and suggestions on how we can serve our community better.

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