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KZSM — What plays in your head?

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Radio today comes from more than one source. For instance, you can listen to live on the Internet or through apps on your Apple or Android device. Now and in the days when radio was only broadcast, the music we hear on the radio forms our tastes and inspires our enthusiasm. For some of our program hosts, music on the radio became a lifelong vocation.

For Mark Moniz, host of “Metal Mark Live,” Thursdays 10 p.m. to midnight, passion and dedication began in his teens. “As a musician at the age of fourteen, playing guitar in the Hollywood underground, I got into heavy metal,” he recalls. He also became “a real radiohead.” He would stay awake at night to tape the songs he loved. Today he provides an outlet for the local rock and roll and heavy metal scene. CDs from aspiring bands arriving in the mail have replaced those tapes, but Mark still puts sets together for himself and anyone who wants to listen.

Growing up in Dallas, Paul Wilson, host of “Philosophy and Popular Music” (Sundays noon to 2 p.m.), tuned in to KAAM AM, a station specializing in 50s and 60s rock. “I listened to that al most as much as I did to the music of my own time, the 80s,” he recalls. Today, Wilson plays with the Johnathans, a band specializing in music from that era.

Other program hosts play music that reflects their roots. Jeanne Randall, host of “Celtic Corner” grew up listening to jigs and reels while doing household chores on Saturdays with her mostly Scottish family. Today she celebrates her heritage every Saturday from noon to 2 on

Music can express program hosts’ background or explore their sense of possibility. On “Dead Air Radio” (Mondays 7-9 p.m.), host Vance Os borne and his guests discuss local and experimental music, sound art installations, and everything in between. “No genre is off limits,” Osborne explains, “we feel the purpose of art is to share passion and perspectives with limits decided only by the presenting artist.”

Whatever its source, if you have a passion for a particular kind of music, you can join these DJs to share your music with our listeners. We are seeking world music, especially music in Spanish, and we would like to add country, blue grass, and classical to our eclectic variety of programming. E-mail

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