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KZSM: Community radio needs your help

Your true community radio station has been on the air for 18 months and there is still much more to be done. We often get asked what we see as our purpose. The short answer to this question is that we are here to serve our community by providing opportunities for residents to share their views and interests. Whether it’s music, news or information, we provide a platform with a world-wide reach. The concept is simple but to continue accomplishing this goal, our volunteer staff requires support beyond their expertise.

The long-term goal is to establish a radio station that is unique to San Marcos and that will continue to serve our community in the future. As in any building, insuring that the foundation will support future growth, is essential. We are still in the process of establishing that foundation and building a legacy.

Skills in the areas of management and administration are needed. Currently, a handful of individuals are performing the work of many. Producing a radio program can often be demanding and our radio hosts have proven to be resourceful and have exceeded what one might expect from a group of “amateurs.” Volunteers with skills and experience in the areas of volunteer coordinator and radio station program manager would be very helpful. If you or someone you know is interested in donating your time to this endeavor, then please contact us on our website.

Please note on the live program schedule that there are new programs listed and that others have changed either time slots or the length of their broadcast. Of course, we always welcome new program ideas and are still looking for individuals to host specific radio programs.

Join us in the Kissing Alley, the Farmer’s Market, at any one of our fundraiser events or come by the studio to meet your radio hosts and to share ideas, comments, or suggestions with us.

We will be having another Heavy Metal fundraiser at the Buzzmill in September! Join us on the 21 - 23 for 18 bands. The line-up has already been determined, posters will be printed up soon and distributed, and we are looking into the possibility of having souvenir T-shirts being printed to commemorate the event.

Keep tuning in to listen to some of the best programming any group of volunteer radio hosts have ever produced!

KZSM (just a little bit south of weird!) now streaming world-wide on the internet!

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