Now’s the time to protect your pipes, pets and plants

Freezing temperatures could cause pipes to freeze and burst, destroying floors, furniture, appliances and treasured family heirlooms. A few simple tasks can help protect pipes and homes when a severe freeze is predicted. For example, run a small trickle of water from hot and cold faucets during extreme cold. PHOTO COURTESY OF STATE FARM/FLICKR

Winter Weather

Forecasts can change, but from all early indications, San Marcos is in for the coldest weather in quite a while. Temperatures are expected to drop to the 20s Sunday night and rise only into the mid-30s on New Year’s Day.

The city is encouraging residents to act now to protect their pipes, pets and plants before wintry weather arrives.

Protect outside pipes from freezing:

  • Caulk around pipes where they enter the house, close foundation vents and use wood or foam blocks to fit vent openings around pipes
  • Wrap outside faucets or hose bibs in molded foam insulation or layers of old newspapers and cover with plastic to keep out moisture
  • If you have a separate shut-off valve for outside faucets, turn it off
  • Drain in-ground sprinkler systems

Protect pipes inside the house:

  • Insulate pipes in unheated areas (crawl space, attic, garage or basement)
  • Open cupboard doors in kitchen and bathrooms
  • Let faucets drip a little if the temperature dips below freezing
  • Know how to shut off water valves.

Protecting pets:

  • Keep pets inside out of severe cold
  • If pets are outside, provide a doghouse with door away from the wind
  • Line doghouse with straw or cedar shavings
  • Make sure they have access to fresh water and food
  • Do not leave antifreeze, coolant or windshield wiper fluid within reach
  • Make sure your cat hasn’t crawled under the car hood for warmth

Protect plants:

  • Bring sensitive plants inside
  • Protect roots and foliage of plants with mulch, straw, bubble plastic or cloth
  • Move potted plants out of the wind

The latest weather updates can be found online at the National Weather Service.

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