Rabies confirmed in bat in Kyle, suspected in Buda case

Though there are as yet no reports of rabid bats in San Marcos, that’s not true for the rest of the county.

A Kyle resident was bitten by a bat June 13 near Pin Oak Drive, and the animal tested positive for rabies. 

The city of Buda, meanwhile, issued a public health alert Friday even though a dead bat found June 15 in the 500 block of Cullen Boulevard was too decomposed to be tested. 

As a precaution, in such cases, the state handles it as a positive result.

Residents are urged not to pick up bats they find on the ground and to call animal control if they see one.

Anyone who feels they may have come in contact with either bat is urged to call Buda Animal Control at 512-312-1001, the Hays County Health Department at 512-393-5525 and the Department of State Health Services Zoonosis Control, 245-778-6744.

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