Residents can sign up to receive alerts about new zoning applications

As part of the new San Marcos Development Code (CODE SMTX), the city is encouraging interested residents and property owners to sign up to receive notice of new zoning applications, Comprehensive Plan Map amendment applications, and related neighborhood meetings via email or text messages by creating an account on the city's website

“Application notices provide an opportunity for residents and property owners to learn about potential development proposals early on in the development process, facilitating a more meaningful public input process,” said Director of Planning and Development Services Shannon Mattingly. 

 In addition to application notices, the city has made all information related to planning cases and development permits available to the public online. This website provides the most up-to-date information about public hearing dates, development proposals and development permits.   

 For more information about signing up for application notices or accessing case information, call the Planning & Development Services Department at 512-393-8230 or email

 You may also view the interactive link to the new San Marcos Development Code on the city's website.

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