TxSt team presents at U.S. Ignite

A multidisciplinary team of faculty and students from Texas State University presented at the U.S. Ignite Application Summit, held in conjunction with the Smart Cities Connect Conference, March 26-27 in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Texas State team presented during the open expo demonstration session March 27 on “Just-in-time Virtual Reality Training for AmBus Emergency Medical Service (EMS).”

AmBus is a bus-sized ambulance that EMS personnel utilize during large-scale emergencies. Although EMS personnel receive annual training, evidence shows current training efforts leave some personnel unfamiliar with the AmBus system and unprepared to respond to an emergency.

Texas State’s virtual-reality (VR) application can be delivered remotely to the distributed EMS personnel before they assemble, or as they are assembling. Such an application would better prepare them to be as effective as possible in using the life-saving features of the AmBus. Such VR applications can be expanded to include other first responders, and, ultimately, lives may be saved because personnel are better prepared.

The Texas State research team includes cognitive psychologists, virtual reality experts, human/computer interaction experts, graphic designers and computer scientists. The Texas State AmBus presentation is an outgrowth of the XReality Research Lab, headed up by George Koutitas, an assistant professor in the Ingram School of Engineering. The mission of the XReality lab is to integrate two dominant scientific and industrial sectors called Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) and develop state-of-the-art applications focusing on smart infrastructures, health, first responders and computer networks. XReality develops new technologies that allow IoT data to be overlaid on top of physical objects, creating a “4D” experience to the users of the AR/ IoT systems.

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