We’ve launched a new, improved online presence

Innovation and dedication at SMDR

Readers who access our website may have noticed some changes taking place. At the end of last year the San Marcos Daily Record made the decision to put our website through a serious revamp, allowing for easier, more user-friendly access to local news. Our goal at the Record is to bring you the best San Marcos news as quickly as we can— and we believe our site’s new interface will allow us to do that.

However, because of these changes, our previous social media posts will no longer link through to our old stories. Don't fret, however, because the content will still accessible in our online archive located at http://archive.sanmarcosrecord.com/. Thank you for bearing with us throughout the switch— we know change can be difficult, but we believe this update will make our online interface more intuitive and easy-to-understand than ever before.

One of our many goals with the new site is to improve transparency between our readers and our staff. We’ve added staff email to stories, allowing maximum contact for feedback from our readers. Another goal we’ve worked towards is to simplify the sign-in process for our subscribers. We believe with our new log-in process, this was achieved. Our mobile interface has also been improved. These, among other changes, aim to bring you the best online version of our publication.

We would love to get feedback on our changes, so feel free to contact us at the Record if you have any questions or comments. SMDR is always looking for new, innovative ways to maintain our position as the best news source in San Marcos. We appreciate your continual patronage and support of the Record. You can see our online changes, and more, at sanmarcosrecord.com.

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