Blood center helping shooting victims

The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center (STBTC) has provided more than 200 units of blood to hospitals treating victims of the shooting in Sutherland Springs. Connally Memorial medical Center in Floresville, the San Antonio Military Medical Center trauma center and University Hospital have all received blood from STBTC. The center, a subsidiary of nonprofit BioBridge Global, is continuing to provide blood to these hospitals and more than 70 hospitals in the region.

“After a tragedy like this, people want to know what they can do to help,” said Elizabeth Waltman, chief operating officer of STBTC. “A concrete way to help is to donate blood to help replenish blood supplies so we’re ready to help the next patients who need blood.”

Anyone with O-positive or Onegative blood is asked to donate, as supplies are low. STBTC is also asking for donations of platelets, the blood components that promote clotting. Platelets are constantly in demand.

STBTC held a blood drive on Monday in Floresville. People can still donate at any of STBTC’s seven donor rooms or at mobile blood drives occurring throughout the region. Donations are also accepted at the San Antonio Military Medical Center and University Hospital. Donors will need to have a photo ID. Anyone 16 years old who weighs at least 120 pounds (with a parental consent form) or 17 years old or older who weighs at least 110 pounds and is in good general health may donate blood.

The need for blood donations will remain high, especially in the coming months, so donors are asked to remember to give as often as possible.

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