Senior send-off: Texas State's seniors hope to leave legacy behind them

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Texas State Football

Easy Anyama knows Saturday will be emotional. 

The Bobcat senior outside linebacker along with his 11 fellow seniors will take the field for the last time inside Bobcat Stadium when Texas State takes on Georgia State at 3 p.m.

“It’ll be emotional just because it’s the final game of all the things you’ve gone through here,” Anyama said. “It’s the summation, the end, the finale, so I’m sure I’ll be very emotional.”

Anyama admits it wasn’t easy for him when head coach Everett Withers took over the program. “But after a while, I realized these are honest people,” Anyama said. “So I could trust and build that relationship. Honestly, I don’t know why it took me so long.”

Each of the other seniors - Gabe Loyd, Elijah King, Quinn Tiggs, Eric Luna, Damian Williams, Dila Rosemond, Stephan Johnson, Gabe Schrade, Louis Rubin, Jeff Banks, and Chris French - all have their own stories about their time as Bobcats. But ultimately Withers wants them to understand how vital they were to building a sturdy foundation for Texas State.

“This group has been real important,” Withers said. “This group is, again, year one they had no idea, year two they’ve got it for the most part. This group has figured it out and understands this is why we do this. You are always trying to find the ‘why;’’ Why are you doing this? Why are you doing that? I think this group understands. This group is able to help a lot of our young guys understand the why. Nothing against last year’s group. Last year’s group was trying to figure it out themselves so they couldn’t help anybody. This group has been able to help our young players grow and mature a little bit and I think that’s why this group is really important.”

Williams, a graduate transfer from Mississippi State, said he and his teammates want to leave a legacy. But one of the biggest things he’ll take away from his time in San Marcos is how much being a Bobcat helped him grow as a person. 

“Absolutely, this program really exposed me with how much I had to grow up as a man,” Williams said. “I appreciate that, and I learned so much from coach Withers and the rest of the leadership here.”

Luna, a wide receiver from Deer Park, said being able to help the underclassmen improve has been a great experience for him. 

“Just seeing a new class come in and get a new 32, x-amount of freshmen that come in,” Luna said. “You just want to teach them the culture around here and how to do things right because they don’t know right from left at the beginning. But just showing them that it’s okay to mess up, but it’s just how you respond is the biggest thing.”

Williams and Luna both see a bright future for Texas State as their time as Bobcats comes to an end. 

“Coach said he came in swinging from the jump, you know, with the team last year with all the guys that didn’t really stand for what coach Withers wanted to push forward,” Williams said. “This program will be great within the next year or two just because of the great people coach Withers is bringing into the program. Seniors like me and Easy (Anyama) and Gabe (Schrade) and all the captains are pushing and swinging for the same thing. So we all just came together as one and fought for one thing. The record might not show it but we’ve improved as a team drastically over the last seven or eight weeks. We just want to push for the program to be on the rise and in a place where coach Withers can push it through to the next level.” 

Anyama didn’t want to make a crazy statement but he also believes that big things are in store for Texas State. 

“I feel positive about this team going toward the future,” Anyama said. “Like hopefully, you may not see it record-wise, but I think we left something that has gotten significantly better and will get significantly better.”

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