Lets keep Cape’s Dam

Letter to the Editor

Dear Heritage Association of San Marcos, Hays County Historical Commission, and Preservation Texas,

Thank you for supporting Cape’s Dam and the Mill Race.  It has an impact on the community that cannot be measured by money; only by time and the value of the character it builds in the people who appreciate and cultivate its natural beauty and resources. Think of how it enhances family, togetherness, joy, individual reflection, in a cost-free environment of green, of cool shade, clear running water, and animal and insect life.  People can truly relax and enjoy the simpleness of nature.

Appreciating beauty and nature develops appreciation for much more; loving self, building confidence, strength in knowing there is something good and worthwhile in the world to experience on a relatively frequent basis. And that there are things that are greater and more important than self.

Adults, as Wounded Warriors, find new hope and exercise; children, as boy scouts, learn survival and life skills that influence them and their circle of influence for the rest of their lives. They are taught these things on the San Marcos river utilizing the Mill Race provided by Cape’s Dam. Thousands of future generations would be affected socially, economically, psychologically, because these Wounded Warriors and children would not be able to participate in the river activities, if Cape’s Dam is to be removed. We all have a circle of influence. We interdepend on the emotional health of one another.  There are future consequences when the richness of life is cut out.

Think of the less fortunate and poverty stricken citizens of San Marcos, who are always forgotten when it comes to recreation. They can have hours and days and years of fun enjoying physically demanding play, and aquatic activities; for FREE! It’s within walking distance of their neighborhoods for Heaven’s sake.

Removal of Cape’s Dam will likely only benefit researchers in forms of grants, while the citizens lose the public access and experience of the river.

You did the right thing. Some things are worth fighting for, and Cape’s Dam is one of them.  Not only for history’s preservation sake, but also to preserve society in the most refreshing way possible.  

Respectfully submitted,

Miriam Robb San Marcos

San Marcos Daily Record

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