Food bank’s new policy is rotten for seniors

Letter to the Editor


I read the Sunday letter to the editor from Megan Walker, Property Manager at Stone Brook Seniors Community with total DISGUST for the San Marcos Food Bank and praise for Ms. Walker for speaking up for these elderly people. For the Food Bank to change their policy and no longer provide turkeys for the elderly is NOT acceptable. The elderly in our community are among those who are most needy. They cannot stand in long lines because many are not physically able. Some of them cannot sign a form because of trembling hands. Many have NO ONE to spend holidays with because they are alone except for their elderly neighbors. This new policy reeks with the stench of no empathy. I read the entire letter from Ms. Walker and I am so very thankful the elderly people at Stone Brook Seniors Community have her to speak up for them and call this situation exactly what it is...ROTTEN! God bless Ms. Walker and ALL the elderly people in San Marcos. “Onions” to the San Marcos Food Bank, which is now obviously not providing for everyone, although they qualify. Thank you, Ms. Walker for doing the right thing. God is watching.


Ann Blackburn

San Marcos Daily Record

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