Why would Hillary and Bill Clinton retire?

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Hillary and Bill Clinton as a cold sore on the lip of the Democratic Party? Come on, Carl Golden. You forget that Hillary Clinton won the majority vote among Americans by 2.9 million votes, the largest popular vote win margin by a losing candidate in history. The unqualified and disastrous President Trump surprised even himself by winning the outdated Electoral College by taking several states expected to vote Democratic but swayed by Mr. Trump’s populist rhetoric.

Golden, in his piece in Wednesday’s Daily Record, say the failed Clinton campaign continues to decry any hint that the election team was dysfunctional, beset by power struggles and populated by egomaniacal backstabbers. The latest target, he notes, is the new book by longtime Democratic Party activist and former national chair Donna Brazile, whose new book “Hacks” describes the Clinton campaign as inept. Yet Brazile went along with a Clinton-offered bailout of the Democratic National Committee that allowed the campaign to finance the DNC in exchange for a great deal of the decision-making authority over what went on there.

Part of the deal, according to Brazile, came close to favoring primary victory for Clinton over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. None of the arrangements have been termed illegal but have been questioned as unethical. If Brazile was worried about all of this at the time, why did she wait until a year after the election and the publication of her book to reveal her concerns? Certainly I’m not saying the problems she described are disturbing, but are they more disturbing that the allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia? Come on!

Golden points to numerous analyses over the past year – actually including Mrs. Clinton’s own – that suggests the election was really hers to lose, and it was some final stumbling blocks that resulted in a victory for Mr. Trump, one that was heartbreaking for the woman who would have been our first female President, no doubt the most prepared and able person to take the helm of the country, while the new President Trump has floundered as he tried to be presidential in an office for which he was unprepared and shocked to have won. Unlike Golden, however, Mrs. Clinton has continued to suggest that foreign intervention and the untimely revelation by former FBI Director James Comey that there was a new investigation opening into her emails (an investigation that produced no results) had devastating results on the election.

Golden goes on to suggest that Hillary and Bill Clinton need to retire from public life? Why would that be? As noted above, Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote in a national election and remains popular with most likely a majority of voters. Her guidance and opinions are welcome, especially as the country copes with a President who is unfit for office, who can’t tell the truth and has no grasp on public policy and international relations. Mr. Clinton is a past President and like other former Presidents is often called upon for words of wisdom and guidance as the country copes with new challenges. Again, as for Mrs. Clinton, an error handed us via the outdated Electoral College leaves us to cope with ineptitude in the highest office in the land, and the wisdom of a national leader as experienced as Hillary Clinton is welcome indeed. It would be a real tragedy if she were expected to go into hiding and ignore the real dangers under way in Washington in the White House and Congress.

McCarty is a resident of San Marcos

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