Do you think that the old Lamar school should preserved for its historic value?

Last week demolition began on the old Lamar school site's food service and technology building as well as a portable building behind the main building. 

The buildings were approved to be removed under a permit approved in 2016. Property co-owner David Lerman said the demolition permit was to take down just those buildings, not the main building that many local individuals and groups consider of historical value. The old school was once San Marcos High School and is thought to be one of the first high schools in the state to desegregate, if not the first. Some residents want it preserved, but other residents consider it an eyesore and would like to see the property put to another use.

Yes, it holds significant local and state history.
67% (107 votes)
No, the site can be converted to a better economic use.
33% (52 votes)
Total votes: 159


Some of my greatest memories are at that school!

History is priceless, big-box high rise apartments are a dime a dozen, and we don’t need to gridlock those historic district buggy-trail streets with the traffic this dense development is going to produce.

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